Put Together A Web Support Contact List For a Faster Response

At FatLab Web Support, my mission is to provide my clients a single point of contact for everything that has to do with Web support and/or Website maintenance. I very much focus on this ‘single point of contact’ approach because I have noticed a great deal of confusion when it comes to who to call for any single Web support issue.

  • Do you call the Web hosting company?
  • A developer?
  • A designer?
  • Your IT department?

The answer is of course: It depends. It depends on your particular issue and even then that is not always clear – hence the confusion.

Create A Web Support Contact List

Nothing is more frustrating within an organization then when you realize there is a performance issue with your Website and you’re not sure who to call. Maybe the person who normally deals with such issues is not in the office, the result is often wasted time as the wrong people are called upon.

Another frustrating and all too common scenario is identifying an issue with a site, placing call or email and waiting for a response only to learn that that particular issue must be be dealt with by someone else. Do your organization a favor and include example issues for each support contact you list.

One of the more amusing examples from my past, was years ago, when a client contacted me and said:

I think their is something wrong, The website is not loading… It’s loading for everyone else in the office, just not me. Can you look into that?

Well if it is working for everyone in the office and not you, it might be time to call your IT department or even just use the ol’ support stand by… reboot your computer.

You get the idea, having a list of Web support contacts will aid your organization in receiving faster response times when something goes wrong.

photo by renaissancechambara / cc